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Discover the easy new way to manage your Minecraft worlds!

MinervaTools is currently in closed beta so we can tweak things to be just right in close collaboration with our early adopters so it will be perfect for you!

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Intuitive Web InterfaceMinervaSpigot comes with MinervaPanel, an intuitive web interface allowing your builders to up- and download worlds, without ever needing FTP-access.
Light on MemoryMinervaSpigot automatically unloads worlds when they're not needed, saving on memory you can use for better things than containing worlds noone uses.
ModernDevelopment on MinervaTools started in 2021 from scratch. During development the needs of builders were put first in close colaboration with experienced Minecraft Marketplace Partners.
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Why MinervaTools?

MinervaTools is a brand new approach to Minecraft world handling, with MinervaSpigot written from scratch with large builder servers in mind. This is a big advantage over comparable solutions, as most other plugins were written for small personal servers.

It works great with all sizes of servers. We've successfully deployed the plugin both on small servers with just 10 worlds, and on the massive build server of one of the 5 biggest Minecraft Marketplace sellers.

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PricingWe're currently in closed beta, but we plan to go public in early 2022. How about checking out the prices and finding out if MinervaTools will be right for you?Check out Pricing
The who and whyMinervaTools has been born out of a need for a intuitive world management plugin which could help save memory. Meet the dev and find out what's the motivation behind MinervaTools!Meet the Team
Read the docsMinervaTools has a documentation page where you can take a peak at how the components work and what commands are available.docs.minervatools.net