Intuitive Web InterfaceMinervaSpigot comes with MinervaPanel, an intuitive web interface allowing your builders to up- and download worlds, without ever needing FTP-access.
Light on MemoryMinervaSpigot automatically unloads worlds when they're not needed, saving on memory you can use for better things than containing worlds noone uses.
ModernDevelopment on MinervaTools started in 2021 from scratch. During development the needs of builders were put first in close colaboration with experienced Minecraft Marketplace Partners.
Actively DevelopedMany plugins are dead in the water. MinervaTools however is being actively developed in close colaboration with builder teams to bring new features which will actually be used.
ScaleableMinervaTools is being build in collaboration with both big and small builder teams. From small servers with just a few worlds the massive build server of one of the Top 5 Minercraft Marketplace sellers, we've tested our plugin on all sizes of server.
SecureThe web panel helps you cut down on how many people have FTP access to the server as it becomes trivial to up- and download worlds directly from a web browser. With the help of NGINX it can even be exposed over HTTPS.
ExtensibleMinervaSpigot comes with a local API ready to be used with your in-house tools and scripts. Look at the documentation for more infos on the API.